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August 3, 2016

In attendance:
Liz Clarke, Vivian Krone, Janice Loschiavo, Meta Pitrelli, Cathy Quinn, Sharon Rome, Joan Swensoen

Absent: Tina Segali, Marilyn Sinisi, Lois Pagnozzi

Emeritus: Donna Sabetta, Jeri Stangl

Book & Author: Dead Wake by Erik Larson

Cathy spear-headed the discussion. It was immediately clear to all of us how extensive her knowledge of history is and why she was a beloved teacher.

Comments made regarding Dead Wake:

All were happy to break tradition and read a non-fiction book.

We felt that the climate of war causes ordinary people to react in extraordinary ways.

The sailors in the submarine were subjected to inhumane conditions yet endured. Most had no idea of when a torpedo was being launched and if it made a successful hit.

The Lusitania was attached primarily for the tonnage it represented.

We all agreed that Great Britain allowed the sinking to lure the U.S. into World War I. The tragedy could have been prevented.

President Wilson did not function effectively during the time that led up to the incident because of severe depression. He felt that the war in Europe had nothing to do with us and that the U.S. should not get involved. He ignored the Lusitania’s sinking and other acts of aggression as long as he could. This may have been due to his mental state. It was noted that there is a human side to us all.

Captain Turner was treated unfairly and used as a scapegoat by Churchill. We discussed that Turner may have been set-up to fail.

Cathy explained the history of Germany’s need to conquer and establish colonies on the European mainland.

Cathy also stated that since we live in a democracy we assume this is what all others want but some countries are content to have decisions made for them.

All in all, this was a most enlightening discussion. We unanimously gave the book a 3.5 rating.

On-Hundred Book Celebration

After much debating, we decided that our celebration will be at the next meeting, September 7 at Joan’s. This is the last date that we can all be together. Togetherness is more important than date, book or location.

It was agreed that we would stay at Joan’s rather than go out for dinner.

Food assignments will follow from Liz.

We discussed the perfect book choice but could not agree on one book. It was decided that each of us would choose a book to read independently. We will then take just a few minutes to discuss our selected book. From these books, we can pick our future readings.

I think this will be fun and entertaining. It also gives us a little time to catch up on a book you have wanted to read.

I will bring the lottery tickets since I forgot them again.

Submitted by Janice Loschiavo, August 5, 2016