Hello, Ladies, Please see our minutes below. Please review and do not let me know if there is anything amiss or missing. I do not care. I tried but there is only one master at this. Love to you all. Janice


July 6, 2016

In attendance:
Liz Clarke, Vivian Krone, Janice Loschiavo, Lois Pagnozzi, Meta Pitrelli, Cathy Quinn, Sharon Rome, Barbara Santillo, Marilyn Sinisi, Joan Swensoen

Absent: Tina Segali

Emeritus: Donna Sabetta, Jeri Stangl

Book & Author: The Children Act, Ian McEwan

We all were happy to welcome Cathy back and noted how wonderful she looks. What an inspiration she is to us all.

Comments made regarding The Children Act:

Marilyn spear-heading our discussion with great insight.

Did the kiss between Fiona and Adam change her?

Liz felt Fiona was more concerned that if someone had seen the act, that it would damage her reputation. Fiona was mostly worried about damaging her reputation than what she was doing to a young boy.

Marilyn saw no reason why Fiona could not have mentored Adam or at least treated him kinder.

Meta felt Adam stirred Fiona’s unmet maternal needs.

Vivian felt she became too involved with Adam because her marriage was lacking warmth.

Barbara felt that the close connection they had with music was what bound Fiona and Adam.

Marilyn brought out how devastated Fiona was with her husband’s betrayal. His request was a wake up call for her.

Barbara said that in some relationships we must be content to regard them as just a good memory.

Lois pointed out that Fiona was dismissive with her husband and never even got up from her chair to speak with him.

Barbara discussed the importance of not crossing the line with young people since they can easily misinterpret actions. – The Black Bra !!!

We all agreed that women and men view intimacy differently.

The discussion was lively and we unanimously gave 3.5 rating for The Children Act.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 3, 5 PM at Joan’s. We will discuss Cathy’s selection, Dead Wake by Erik Larson.

Food assignments are as follows:

Janice antipasto
Meta green salad
Sharon wine
Barbara fruit
Cathy dessert
Vivian dessert

I will bring the lottery tickets since I forgot them for this meeting.

Submitted by Janice Loschiavo, July 7, 2016