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Catherine Quinn   November 11, 1946 – May 13, 2017

“I first met Cathy when Steve was student teaching at Memorial High School – two Irish people who had a lot in common and really hit it off. He admired her enthusiasm for social studies and her sense of humor. I enjoyed her wit when we sat in the corner of Joan’s dining room table and she would make a comment, under her breath, about what was just said and her opinion. Often I agreed with her. Her strength and faith were to be admired but I wish I could have done more for her. When St. Patrick’s Day comes I will honor her with her Irish Soda Bread recipe. She will be missed.”  –Liz

“Our Book Club meetings will not be the same without Cathy and her insight into our readings. Cathy was especially knowledgeable on historical subjects and frequently demonstrated this during discussions.  Although her last months were difficult, she continued to carry herself with grace and dignity. Cathy will be sorely missed by us all.”   —Janice

“Cathy was a marvelous teacher who loved her students and the Social Studies she taught. In her death she will continue to teach us about valor, compassion, and the lessons of history that accompany us on our own journeys.”  –Barbara

“I first met Cathy almost 50 years ago, when she appeared in my US History II class as the practice teacher.  I remember her beautiful curly hair, her warm smile that brought out dimples, and her remarkable ability to make history seem real and alive.  Cathy’s intellect and insight made her an invaluable member of the book club, where she will be sorely missed.  Since we shared the same birth date, we would invariably joke about being Scorpios, and enjoyed blowing out the candles together at book club.  After all she went through with her illness, I kind of thought she was indestructible.  I’m sorry she didn’t have more time.”    –Tina

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